Pioneers Discount Card

What is a Pioneers Discount Card PDC

Pioneers Discount Card is exclusively for pioneers students who will be able to benefit from a collection of discounts afford by an Elite Group of companies and organizations that provide services and goods.

Who can benefit from pioneers discount card !

Once obtaining pioneers discount card , Students can benefit from discounts offered by a selection of companies and organizations mentioned in the brochure or by visiting our website Students will have the advantage to browse the latest discounts offered by the companies and organizations participating in pioneers discount card campaign.

The mechanism of using the pioneers discount card

Only students , who bear pioneers discount card , can benefit from the advertised discounts on the link which is printed in the back of the card ; students need to carry their pioneers discount card when purchasing from those companies and organizations in order to get their special discount , Companies and organizations' discounts will be advertised on pioneers website.


  1. Only students bearing the discount cards will be able to benefit from the discounts.
  2. The discounts offered by pioneers discount card do not include the Special offers from the mentioned companies and organizations .
  3. Only one card will be bestowed for every student who registers for a course in pioneers academy.
  4. Pioneers discount card expires on 31/12/2016.

Bella Gym & Spa

50% Discount

Bella Sports Club features a highly efficient and qualified technical staff where these expertise work, integrate and chime together with the latest equipments in the Kingdom:

  • Sports equipment
  • Aerobics section
  • Nursery
  • Saloon
  • The spa
  • Cafeteria

50% discount on the monthly subscription.
Free Day  use all club facilities but should be Pre reservation with the club

Amman Tourist Beach Resort

15% Discount

AdressJordan - Dead Sea, Amman, Jordan